Artist Louis Aiello known for his original paintings of landscapes and contemporary works

Original Oil Paintings by Louis Aiello

Aiello Art

To learn about Louis's wife Penelope Aiello and her original photographs, see "Photographs" under "Art".

Original Art by Louis Aiello

Original Artwork by Louis Aiello

Aiello's career as an artist and painter began as a freelance renderer while attending Parsons School of Design in New York City. When not studying, he could be found at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a sketch pad, pen and ink, and watercolors channeling the masters of impressionism, realism, and abstract expressionism, finding his own voice and style somewhere in the mix. 

Aiello works with oils, acrylics, and the occasional watercolor. He prefers working in oils, which allow him to explore the relationship between texture, color, and light.

Artist Louis Aiello is now known for his original paintings of landscapes and contemporary works.


Louis Aiello is an award-winning interior and architectural designer and founder of Aiello Associates, nationally recognized as one of the top commercial design firms in the hospitality and resort industry. 

A graduate of New York City’s Parsons School of Design, Aiello began his career with Morris Lapidus, Harle and Liebman, cutting his teeth on such prize accounts as the Fountainebleau Miami Beach and the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs. In 1963, Aiello founded Aiello Associates, a boutique design firm he would grow into nationally acclaimed, award-winning firm specializing in hospitality and high-end hotels, resorts and restaurants. A master craftsman with a deep understanding of architecture, light, and interior space, Aiello became known for his unique use of soaring ceilings, open space design, and an emphasis on creative use of light.