Aiello's paintings and artwork for home or office

Louis Aiello’s career as an artist and painter began as a freelance renderer while attending Parsons School of Design in New York City. When not studying, he often found himself at the Metropolitan Museum of Art with a sketch pad, pen and ink, and watercolors channeling the masters of impressionism, realism, and abstract expressionism, finding his own voice and style somewhere in the mix. 

With 50 years as an award-winning interior and architectural designer, Aiello brings a unique eye for light, color, and texture to his painting. Aiello's paintings are moored to his travels in Europe and the American West, where he found inspiration in landscape and architecture.

Artist Louis Aiello's original art and paintings currently fill his days in retirement from design.  His original oil paintings and artwork are suited for both home or office.

                            Artist Louis Aiello's original art and paintings.  Aiello's paintings and artwork for home or office


Original Art by Louis Aiello


Original Art by Louis Aiello

Original Oil Paintings by Louis Aiello

Aiello Art